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  Plaster & plasterboard used in construction


Allow wet, mixed plaster to go off before disposal. You must not dispose of liquid wastes to landfill.

You must separate plaster, plasterboard and other gypsum products from your general wastes, as they contain high levels of sulphate.

You must dispose of non-hazardous… read more

  Plaster & plaster products

…sulphate, you must separate plaster, plasterboard and other gypsum products from your general wastes.

You must dispose of non-hazardous gypsum-based materials in landfills for non-hazardous waste, in cells where there is no biodegradable waste. You must dispose of gypsum-based materials that… read more

  Yard run-off

…will be highly alkaline (pH of between 9.5 and 14). Water that is highly alkaline is also highly toxic to aquatic life.

  • Where dry plaster mixes with water, the resulting run-off will be high in suspended solids.
  • Where yard run-off is likely to have mixed with raw materials… read more

      More general materials and equipment topics

    …of controlled drugs DHSSPS Northern Ireland: Controlled drugs Disposing of medicines You must dispose of medicines through specialist disposal methods. They are normally disposed of through specialist incineration. You must never dispose of them down the sink or drain. Pharmaceutical waste You must… read more

      More water topics (P - Y)

    …you disposal options in your area. Alternatively, to find contractors in your area who can recycle or dispose of your waste material, use the NetRegs Waste Directory. Find your nearest waste site Any waste that contains hydrocarbons, for example hydraulic oils or diesel, will need to be disposed of… read more

      More construction topics

    plaster into drains or surface waters as this can cause water pollution. You can recycle clean, uncontaminated plasterboard. Speak to your supplier for more information. Allow wet, mixed plaster to go off before disposal. You must not dispose of liquid wastes to landfill. You must separate plaster,read more

      A-Z of jobs

    …rubber and plastics - Rubber and plastic products * Plant propagation - Agriculture * Planting - timber - Forestry * Plaster product manufacturing - Mineral products * Plastering - Construction * Plastic manufacturing - Rubber and plastic products * Plastics - recycling and reprocessing - Recycling… read more


    …vehicles. When you dispose of this equipment you will need to dispose of it as asbestos waste. Asbestos-contaminated soil Asbestos-contaminated soil can be created by mixing clean soil with demolition rubble, through poor housekeeping at industrial sites or through poor waste disposal practices. You… read more

    Whats new on NetRegs

    • Waste – Duty of Care Roles and Responsibilities

      The Northern Ireland Environment Agency has published a short guide to the duty of care responsibilities including advice and information for waste producers, carriers and those accepting, storing and treating waste.


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      What do you think about our new and improved website. We want your feedback on what you like, what you don’t like and ways we can continue to improve the website. Follow the link to complete the very short survey: NetRegs website – User feedback

    • NEW guidance on Environmental Management Systems

      We have recently updated and improved our guidance on Environmental Management Systems (EMS). You can find the guidance via the Environmental Topics tab or alternatively select the following link Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

    • Consultation on proposed changes to the packaging recycling business targets

      See NI Future legislation or Scotland Future legislation for details of the Consultation

    • NetRegs SMEnvironment survey 2016

      NetRegs has carried out a survey of environmental awareness among SMEs. There are separate reports for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    • NIEA Guidance - Greenfield Excavated Matrials in Construction

      NIEA and the CEF have developed a Regulatory Position to promote Sustainable re-use of natural excavated material from Greenfield sites.

      NIEA: Guidance on the Regulation of Greenfield Excavated Materials in Construction and Development

    • New GPP 2 Above Ground Oil Storage

      The replacements for the PPGs are being developed. Now available GPP 2 Above Ground Oil Storage

    • SEPA Consultation on an Intergated Authorisation Framework

      SEPA is asking for your views on the proposals for integrated authorisations.

      Consultation documents

    • GPP 24 Stables, Kennels and Catteries

      NEW GPP 24 now available: Stables, Kennels and Catteries

    • ENDS Award Shortlist

      NetRegs has been nominated for 3 ENDS Awards with the result being revealed on the 4th of May.

    • NetRegs wins an ENDS Environmental Impact Award

      Knowledge development category winners, see the END Awards

    • EIA (Agriculture) Regulations for Northern Ireland

      Any person intending to alter the use or management of areas of uncultivated or semi-natural land must obtain prior approval from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

      Read more on the DAERA website

    • Download our NEW leaflet today: Duty of Care for waste

      NetRegs have produced a new leaflet for Scottish businesses explaining what you must do to comply with YOUR duty of care for waste.

      Duty of Care for waste (Scotland) leaflet (PDF - 775KB)


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